For employer how to build your Company Portfolio


Your company portfolio is what a resume is to a potential employer when it comes to getting those clients or customers on-board with your business. It can be the clincher in a deal and plays a key role in creating the company legacy and image. So, here are a few things to keep in mind while building your company portfolio…
Do some PR:
First and foremost when starting to build your company profile decides what you want to say about the company and prepare your message, it’s all about the public relations. So make sure your website, social media and client/ customer interactions say exactly what you want it to about your business.  This requires getting your message out there through in-house or outsourced PR to make sure the word about your company is getting out there – think of this as the equivalent of job seeking networking. This will give your business the traction it needs when starting to build the company portfolio.

Be social media savvy:
In this day and age an intrinsic part of building a business and establishing that company portfolio is being active on social media. Your activity online as a company (just as when you are job seeking) helps to found your reputation in the industry it is in and puts it on your demographics’ radar, it also helps to legitimize your work and is effective at reaching your target audience at key touch points. As such ensure to use these platforms and speak up about your growing company portfolio and choose times for news updates wisely (depending on your demographic).

The next step to building your company portfolio is being seen out and about in the real world and not just cyber space. This can be achieved whether that’s by attending industry events, sponsoring events, getting a famous face to endorse you or using the connections you’ve made within and by business already. By putting faces to the name, standing next to competitors and fully engaging in the industry you’ll start to see growth of your company portfolio.

We hope this is a helpful guide to how to build your company portfolio. Keep these in mind and it is sure to be growing by the day! For some more advice see our latest blog, Four Ways to Improve Stress Levels in the Office.

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